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Written on the 11 January 2017 by Astra Financial

It's so easy! You're at the car yard, you've seen, test-driven and agreed to buy your dream car! What about finance? Easy, go speak to the car yard finance manager, they'll sort your loan out, no worries.


But, did you know that the special rates that manfucturers offer from time to time aren't necessarily as good as they seem? 1%? No-one can do better than that, can they? 


When a manufacturer offers special interest rates to encourage you to buy their car and take their loan, someone somewhere has to pay for that finance. Guess what? It's you! It's likely that you'll have to pay full price for the car and take a specific term (maybe 36 or 48 months) and a balloon payment at the end of the term. You'll also find that a number of fees and charges may not be included in that special rate which, coupled with the fact that you're unable to negotiate a discount on the car, means that you're likely paying more in repayments than you'd expect at that special rate.


It's always worth talking to a finance broker even if you've already spoken to, and been provided with a quote from, the card yard finance manager. We can show you how you could save money on your repayments and, most importantly, obtain a car loan that works for you rather than the car yard.


Click on the Contact Us button elsewhere on this page and ask for a free, no obligation quote on your car loan today! You owe it to yourself!


Note, the advice provided on this website is general in nature. Individual circumstances would need to be taken into account before accepting an offer or product.

Author: Astra Financial
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