Refinancing - Mr & Mrs G's Case Study

Written on the 5 July 2015 by Astra Financial

Mr & Mrs G approached us wanting to refinance their home loan and release some equity to carry out home improvements. Their current lender had them on a relatively high interest rate basic loan and refused to offer them a better deal.

We met to discuss their needs in more detail and found they had a number of other smaller debts such as credit cards and car loans that were eating into their monthly income.

We restructured their lending, consolidating car loans and credit cards into their home loan and even kept them with their existing lender but on a much improved rate, better than the lender's competitors. Importantly, their total monthly repayments were significantly reduced!

Mr and Mrs G are very happy as we've shown them how to pay off their loan in a much shorter time than the original term and they have been able to keep all their everyday banking with their existing lender.

If you would like to discuss refinancing your existing loans, please contact us today!

Author: Astra Financial
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