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Health insurance is going up by 'only' 4.8 percent this year! That's 'only' three times the rate of inflation. And that's 'only' the average increase. "Just great!", you say. So...

Can I get a better deal on my health insurance?

The team at Astra Financial would like to help you find your better deal with a no-cost, no-obligation review of your private health insurance situation. Click on the link below, provide a few details, and a health insurance specialist will contact you on our behalf.*

Review my health insurance TODAY

This free and confidential service will help answer all those questions we ask ourselves every time premiums go up, we pay a medical bill, or make a claim on our health fund:   

  • am I paying too much OR for things I don't need? (Pregnancy? Orthodontics?)
  • have I got the best policy for the benefits I really need? (Physio? Joint replacement?)
  • do other funds pay bigger rebates? (More back in my pocket)

If there's a better policy for your needs and budget, you'll find out. Best of all, if you've already got the right policy at the right price for your needs - the 'best deal' - they'll tell you. You can't ask more than that!

Try it today. It's a quick, easy and hassle-free way to find out if there really is a 'better deal' for you on your health insurance.





* This service is provided for Astra Financial by ItsMy Health (ItsMy Pty Ltd). If you participate in this offer a health insurance specialist from ItsMy Health will call you on behalf of our firm. The call will be from an 03 (Melbourne) number. If you buy or change your health insurance policy or switch funds, Astra Financial may receive a commission from the health fund.

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