Mercury Integrated Fact Find & Messenger Bot


Mercury Integrated Fact Find



As mortgage brokers ourselves, we understand the level of admin and compliance placed on us now. That's why we have developed this product to give you a low cost way to save time in your business, make sure initial compliance is carried out and allow you to concentrate on meeting your clients and generating new business.

What does it do now?

  • Attach the fact find to your website and/or have it as a standalone link to send your clients
  • The form is branded to your requirements using your logos/colours/etc.
  • Form includes:
    • Dynamic client information collection - form changes depending on information enetered earlier in the form
    • Dynamic needs analysis
    • Your privacy consent - signed on screen
    • Your credit quote (if applicable) - signed on screen
    • Upsell opportunities - simple tick and flick for insurance, wills & conveyancing, asset finance option for home buyers, etc. Details sent directly to your referrers (e.g. Allianz, your solicitor/conveyancer) and/or to you
    • New contacts are automatically added in Mercury, exisiting clients are updated
    • New opportunity automatically created in Mercury based on the loan purpose selected in the fact find
  • Integrated with FileInvite to automatically send a request for documents directly to the client(s)
  • Upon completion of the form, client will be emailed your credit guide, the signed privacy consent, needs analysis. signed credit quote (if applicable), copy of the fact find.
  • The same documents wil be sent to your Mercury Inbox to be attached to the opportunity
  • Form can be saved by the client so that they can come back to it if they run out of time

What will it do in the future?

  • Ability to automate Veda/Equifax credit report
  • Funding position calculator
  • Living expense analysis
  • Virtual mortgage broker - ability to consider lender options without human intervention


Messenger Bot

Facebook allows an automated messeaging assistant to be installed on your business page. This allows your clients to ask questions, watch short explainer videos, perform stamp duty and funds to complete calculations, etc. Importantly, it is there when you are on the road, in meetings, asleep! Clients can book in intro meetings with you at a time that suits them (and you). This is via an online calendar booking system linked to your business calendar so only the times that you are available are shown to the the client.

Click here to see this in action or click on the Messenger bubble at the bottom right of this page.


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